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Empower your customers to online scheduling and automated reminders with Agendize.

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  • Save 75% of the time you spend managing appointments by eliminating the need to compare booking schedules, manually sending out reminder emails, and keeping track of all your existing appointments in various calendars

  • Reduce your customer no-show rates by up to 80% with automated email and SMS reminders set to go out before your appointments are scheduled take place

  • Every appointment generated is automatically stored in relevant customer profiles (the CRM), and provides insight into the interaction and transaction history of each of your customers


With Online Scheduling, manage your bookings every day with an intuitive interface

Sync to your existing calendar, save every customer interaction, allow your customers to book through a simple widget and more, all through a simple set up process.

With the CRM, grow your business with a simple CRM

Anyone who ever booked an appointment with Online Scheduling is automatically added to your client list. With Agendize CRM you’re further able to book existing clients quickly and send messages with ease.


With Email Marketing, show your customers that you care by sending them new offers

With email marketing functionality included in Agendize’s Online Scheduling and CRM solution, you can now send specific promotions to targeted customers, getting even more appointments as a result.

With Reporting, get access to powerful datas and analytics to drive your business

Analyze your business activity in real time, make decisions based on how many appointments you book and decide when it’s time to spice things up with a new promotion.


With the Client profile, get access to all the information details in one click

With the Client Profile section, you'll be able to see all the information and activity of each of your clients in one click.